Where to Promote YouTube Videos

Where to Promote YouTube Videos

Before you know where you can promote your YouTube video content you need to understand why you need to promote it and what you can get from it. 

Over the years YouTube became one of the most visited platforms on the Internet. That is why people tend to upload videos there. Your video can get a lot of attention because millions of people use YouTube to find answers to different questions and not only for this. If you want to educate, express yourself, sell products, build brand awareness, get more clients, or just satisfy your ego YouTube is for you. Furthermore, YouTube offers advertisement contracts to popular channels which can be a source of additional revenue for you. 


Now let’s talk about where you can promote your YT videos. 


Google Ads

Google Ads

It doesn’t require much time to start a Google ads campaign. Just create an ad, select a target audience, and set the budget. You start and finish when you want. 


With Google Advertisements, you’ll be able to publicize video ads on YouTube and over the Internet. You choose where and when your video advertisements appear up and who sees them.



Most bloggers and companies use Instagram for marketing purposes. To build a strong community you need to use this social media app too. It gives you an opportunity to get traffic from another popular service. 


The capacity to run advertisements within the app is restricted, you can only promote your posts. But that’s the way to promote your YouTube video through your IG account. Place a link for the video in the profile info, you can insert only one link. Then through interaction with followers encourage them to open the link and check out your new video. 


This way works only if you have a strong Instagram community build already. 



Twitter is another social media app you should consider in your YouTube video promotion. You don’t have to write long posts there. This is the first advantage. The second is how easy and fast you can share YouTube videos on Twitter. You can just press the share button on YouTube or copy the URL to your video and insert it in your tweet. 


Your adherents can retweet the video and add more views to it. 


YouTube itself

Don`t forget that you can promote your videos on YouTube. There are many techniques you can use to do that – SEO, influencers, ways to interact with the audience, and so on. It should be written in other posts about all the methods you can use to promote yourself on YouTube. 



You should actively use social media apps and networks to promote your YouTube videos. This will drive more views and subscribers to your video content. 

Tell us where you usually promote your YT videos.